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BCE Series Hydraulic Driven Generator - 50 Hz AC


"BCE" Series Hydraulic AC Generators will provide up to 4000 watts of electricity for emergency lighting, electric pumps, gas line fusion equipment and electric hand tools.

Electrol/Tendaire Generators can provide you with VAC of electrical power wherever needed. Easily installed, these generators can be conveniently mounted on most utility service and construction vehicles.

There are many advantages to the "BCE" Series Hydraulic Driven Generators. They are economical, compact and powerful. They are also quieter with a shock dampening mounting system and have been tested to meet CE requirements.


Construction: Steel Frame and endbells
Hydraulic Drive: Open center 50 Hz AC generator (Optional closed center)
Rotation: Clockwise at hydraulic motor end
Speed: 3000 RPM (50 Hz)
Voltage Regulation: Self-regulating w/flow control
Excitation: External (12 volt D.C. battery), or
External (24 volt D.C. battery)
(Internal (self) excitation is also available)
Cooling: Internal fan
Temperature Rise: 50 degrees Centigrade
Insulation: Class F (155 degrees Centigrade rating)
Watts: 1700, 2500, 3300 continuous duty
Warranty: 1 year limited
Ratings: All Electrol/Tendaire Generators have continuous ratings unlike the competition's intermittent rating.


1700 2BCEHF-17/ 002-003-004 230 50 18 1
2500 2BCEHF-25/ 002-003-004 230 50 27 1
3300 2BCEHF-33/ 002-003-004 230 50 24.8 1

All of the above systems are supplied with Generator, Hydraulic Motor and Flow Divider for an open center system. Pressure relief can also be added to greatly simplify plumbing.

Hydraulic Requirements

MODEL Liter/min. Pressure
2BCEHF-17/ 19 LPM 138 BAR
2BCEHF-25/ 26.5 LPM 138 BAR
2BCEHF-33/ 34 LPM 138 BAR
**NOTE** -=76 LPM(Max) to Flow ControlAny excess GPM supplied to the flow divider beyond that required generates heat!Lower or higher pressures at full load may be achieved by substituting motors.

*Most Popular Options

For use with Open Center Hydraulic Systems
Option No.
002- 12 VDC excitation with AC & DC leads out. Optional VF-110 control box, (receptacles and on/off switch on face of control box).
003- Self-excited with AC leads out. Optional VM-110 monitor box (receptacles on face of monitor box).
004- 12 VDC excitation with AC & DC leads out. Optional VF-110 control box, (receptacles and on/off switch on face of control box). This system includes a built-in electric solenoid oil bypass valve. It should be used when a dedicated pump or a dedicated sectional pump provides oil to the generator system only.
*Most Popular Options listed are just a sampling of what we can do. We also offer Design options for Closed Center Systems and per customer requirements as well.

Capacity A B C D E F G H J L M Shipping Wt.
1700 Watts 88.9 81 177.8 58.7 38.1 368 220.7 171.5 87.4 171.5 139.7 23 kg
2500 Watts 139.7 93.7 190.5 419 30 kg
3300 Watts 470 36 kg
All Dimensions in chart are millimeters.